A simple plugin for Sonata…

This simple plugin uses pynotify to notify on song changes in sonata.

This is when you don’t have the album cover:


This one shows a preview of plugin when option “Album art” is checked (and mp3 file has some decent id3-tags):


You can download it using bzr:

bzr branch lp:~l3on/sonata/sonata-plugins

Then copy notify.py into the plugins directory of sonata.

* Sonata git
* python-notify package

For a better result, uncheck: Sonata → Preferences → Extra → Popup notification on song changes


11 thoughts on “A simple plugin for Sonata…

  1. Steve Dodier

    Got it in Exaile too 🙂 With sexy pause/play/stop icons when the said buttons are pressed \o/

  2. Justin

    Hey, thanks for the plugin. But I’m having a weird problem, I’ve installed Sonata from SVN, I can’t seem to find the plugins directory. Where can I find it so I can install the notify plugin?

    Thanks again.

    1. l3on Post author

      It’s not necessary install sonata (that works without installation too).
      However, take a look in this dir:

      Or in /usr/local/share….. , depends on the prefix that you choosen.

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  4. Justin


    Thanks for the response, I resolved it. I just had to “mkdir /usr/local/lib/sonata/plugins”, and it worked! Thanks a lot for the plugin. I just wrote a crufty tutorial in wordpress on how to install Sonata from svn, download the plugin from bzr and install it.

    Good luck.

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  6. phynix

    Is there a way to disable the default popups. I am getting the old notifications on resting my mouse on the tray icon? Also I have a notification when I sort a playlist by album or artist. Can I turn this off?


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