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  1. Evildead

    It would be nice if Nautilus was more reactive and would catchall keystrokes. How often do I type ctrl-c/ctrl-x which are not taken into account? Why not work on such basic things before building a castle of cards?

  2. crep4ever

    Yes and yes. ctrl c/ctrl x not taken into account is annoying. More reactivity would be much appreciated. Multimedia properties in the side bar would be a great idea.

    I would even add that nautilus should not load the whole list of subdirectories before displaying them but do it on the go so that you do not have to wait a few secs.

  3. Dylan McCall

    The only weird thing here is that having the display for a selected file on the /left/ conflicts with the direction people are used to reading. (Presently the sidebar has mostly stuff related to navigating, so the outcome of that interaction spills out to the right, which is natural since we read left to right).

    That kind of detail for the selected file would be a nice thing to have, though.

  4. George

    Yes and also when you select a file in Nautilus such as a *.mpg or *.jpg or *.xxx, it would be great to right click and in the menu find a “Select all matching files”. So you could select a *.jpg and then have all the *.jpg files selected.


  5. Nicolò Chieffo

    I preferred not to see Neri even on planet gnome… Today I saw him and it wasn’t a great thing…

  6. Jared Spurbeck

    It would be nice if I could read your whole blog post from the RSS feed ^.^

    But yes, something like that might make better use of the sidebar than Nautilus currently does! Doesn’t the Finder in Snow Leopard do something like that? Or do they have the info positioned differently?


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