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HYM – Help you to merge

The idea is provide new (incoming) developers with a grafic tool that should be helpful during the merge operation.

I called it HYM (but suggestions are welcome!) and got a first approach using balsamiq. I would like to proceed following these steps:

  1. Show mockup and get feedbacks (in particular I would know if there were actions to remove/add/change at gui that developers usally do during merge)
  2. Apply feedbacks and create project in LP (with the maintainers group, all architects are welcome)
  3. Start modelling application using UML (specify, construct and document the artifacts)
  4. Call for feedbacks again about structure and choose which technologies will be used to deploy/develop application.
  5. Start development.

I don’t know if a tool like this one could be helpful to improve the development of Ubuntu. Considering I would like to know your thoughts about, I’m going to show you the mockup (step 1). Click on the image below (direct link) and please leave a feedback/suggestion:

Note that image could change in the next days.