Monokai Theme for Gedit (GtkSourceView)

Monokai for Gedit is a theme for GtkSourceView based on Monokai Extend for SublimeText.

Monokai in Gedit

You can download it here:

Then move the monokai-extend.xml file into your ~/.local/share/gtksourceview-3.0/styles/ and enable it by selecting “Monokai Extended in Gedit → Preferences → Font & Colors

6 thoughts on “Monokai Theme for Gedit (GtkSourceView)

  1. axcelleria

    Excellent work!
    But the bracket matching doesn’t clearly visible when the bracket match at same line..

    Overall am really like this theme..

    1. Mihai Chiriac

      It does work on 16.04
      Just save the .xml file in a location you want then go to Edit -> Preferences -> Font & Colors
      Push the plus button at the bottom and select the xml file.

      Thanks for the article.


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