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Ubuntu is us all together

In the last weeks (as already posted in Ubuntu-it gets new website article) we redesigned ubuntu-it website in order to fall template into line with the new brand of Ubuntu.

While we were working on homepage, we asked ourself how to realize the concept of community and how mix it to the invitation to join us, all in a single image. The result was a “ubuntu” writing, collected with heads of planet.u.c and The following image is in high resolution format (6000×1500) so you could print it (if you want) and show it during a party/meeting/or_similiar to convey the idea that ubuntu is made by me, by you, by your friends and your family, by us all together.


A simple theme for Gwibber…

This is a simple theme for Gwibber designed to match the Dust GTK+ theme and based on gilouche.


You can download the code using bazaar:

bzr branch lp:~l3on/gwibber/dust-theme

To install, put it into this directory:


and pick the new theme from Gwibber’s preferences.

License: GPL

Suggestions are welcome. 🙂

13-07-09: updated image according to new bzr revision. [Added border at content]

A simple plugin for Sonata…

This simple plugin uses pynotify to notify on song changes in sonata.

This is when you don’t have the album cover:


This one shows a preview of plugin when option “Album art” is checked (and mp3 file has some decent id3-tags):


You can download it using bzr:

bzr branch lp:~l3on/sonata/sonata-plugins

Then copy into the plugins directory of sonata.

* Sonata git
* python-notify package

For a better result, uncheck: Sonata → Preferences → Extra → Popup notification on song changes